The Japan Experience

With all our trips we are happy to take customers for the 'once in a lifetime' trip or for some of the ever more regular visitors to Japan, a Koi 'top up'!

We spend time with the breeders discussing every aspect of their Koi and breeding, our aim is for an improvement in Koi education as well as the chance to buy Koi.

Our trips are not random searches for Koi, all trips are organised and breeders contacted prior to travelling to make sure that the Koi you are looking for will be there. We make sure that we do the ground work to ensure your visit is one to remember and hopefully one that will enable to not only learn more about Koi but also find something special to bring back.

For those that have never been or only once or twice, our trips are the most comprehensive of any Koi Dealer in the UK, we have an understanding and knowledge of ALL Koi produced in Japan and visit every major Koi breeder and region. If you are going that far why not see it all?

For the more seasoned Japan traveller we can offer tailored trips where we can adjust the number of days around you. We understand that not everyone can be away from their work or business for 10-14 days, our trips can be as short as 4 days or of course longer.

Our trip can encompass every major Koi producing area in Japan, from the North and the birthplace of Nishikigoi; Niigata, to the South of the country. Of course we spend time at Koi No Yohei and give our customers exclusive access to the stunning New Hybrid Koi.

Throughout the journey we take in the farms, the people and the culture, trying everyday to give the hobbyist a true understanding of everything that is Nishikigoi. 

If you would like any further details please do not hesitate to contact us.

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