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After fifteen years in the Koi industry Deron Simons formed Select Nishikigoi International in 2008 with the sole intention of supplying high class Koi with a genuine pedigree. There are thousands of outlets in the UK that sell Koi but the majority of these are entry level Koi that have a limited future, but Deron's experience allows him to select 'future' Koi and the proof of their quality can be observed and monitored in the growing ponds.  Each year he travels to Japan more times than any other UK dealer and these frequent visits enable him to be there when only certain Koi become available.

In just 5 years Select Nishikigoi International has amassed a huge number prizes at Koi Shows in the UK and also at the All Japan Koi Show and have exported Koi to twelve different countries worldwide, making them far more than just an ordinary local dealer.

Once you have developed the 'Koi eye' it can be very frustrating to try and improve your knowledge and understanding. This is where Select Nishikigoi International can take you to the next level and beyond! Being members of the Shinkokai (The Japanese Breeders and Dealers Association) there is years of experience in every aspect of Koi, from Judging at the All Japan Koi Show, raising Tategoi to Show level and Genuine quality Koi selection. With over 25 years of Nishikigoi experience select Nishikigoi International have the know how to bring the true top level Koi to our shores. 

This experience and understanding of how to raise Koi outside of Japan has been used to design and construct the largest new Professional Koi facility in the UK.

Select Nishikigoi International boasts 160,000 gallons Japanese Style of water in total. The main Fish House for new arrivals and for quarantining Koi holds approximately 15,000 gallons in 10 ponds.


The Main Fish House

In addition there are six indoor growing ponds all filtered with drum filters and the  patented 'Fluid Shower' system, in total there is around 145,000 gallons in these ponds.

Tunnel 1

Tunnel 2

For those yet to experience a Japanese Koi Farm, this will undoubtedly be the next best thing! In fact we are confident it will be 'as good as'!

 If you want to see how we built the UK's biggest state of the art Koi facility then you can read through the whole build here:


With Deron having visited Japan over fifty times over the last two decades, Select Nishikigoi International has a portfolio of breeders that not only have Koi that are stunning in Japan, but Koi that are also suitable for our British waters. Many Koi that may be very beautiful in Japan, cannot always adapt to water in the UK, it is the knowledge gained over many years that creates the ability to make these judgements.


It is this understanding that created the opportunity for Deron to be offered the Sole UK Agency for Koi No Yohei, probably the Farm that will make the largest impact on the Nishikigoi world in the next few years with their 'New Hybrid' Koi, as these Koi are now ready to compete at Koi Shows all over the World.

Buying quality Nishikigoi is not about today, it is about tomorrow. To understand the future in Nishikigoi, you must have an understanding of the past and this only comes from experience. In your search for outstanding Koi, Select Nishikigoi International can be your portal into the world of truly high class Japanese Nishikigoi.

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